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Lola was talking to her bartender, gesticulating wildly with her hands about the vodka. She wanted Smirnoff only, nothing second rate for her customers. Lola was owner of Lola's, the hottest place in the city. Starting as a shemale bar, it became a restaurant and Lola even started a tv column featuring the rich and famous which she became herself. Phat stock dividends, Bentleys Town and country homes and a yacht. Not bad for the tender age of 28. But Lola was a go getter who let nothing get in her way - ever. This weekend she was going to sea on her yacht , The Trans Express. Her captain was Luigi Luigi was a former naval officer in the Italian navy.25, 6 6, muscular Luigi got girls juices flowing at the site of him. Lola loved to flirt with him and he too but he kept a stern focus on his job.Lola planned to change that. At sea, they set lobster traps, fished. Of course, Lola was manicures and a clotheshorse kind of girl. She indulged Luigi to get him. After a few drinks Luigi was mellow.Lola thought there was a fish and went to check the line when Luigi grabbed her and gave her a french kiss. Lola was happier than ever . She reached for Luigi's cock and was surprised because it didn't seem to end. It was 13 inches !! First Lola sucked on it, deep throating it, licking his balls putting them in her mouth and tonguing them even more. Luigi loved it. She used her mouth magic on the head of cock too. Then she sat on it riding it up and down "I'm going to cum ,baby"Luigi said, as he shot his hot load. Lola came at the same time with Luigi's cock in her ass.Lola and Luigi became man and "wife" and lived happily ever after.!! Read Sexstories in Trannies Online

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