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I'm Monique.Let me tell you my story.I was a waitress at Lucky Chengs.One day a customer asked for a drink. He had a curious look in his eye and I thought an excited tourist.After I brought the drink and we started small talk. I then thought he was more than a tourist He seemed interested.My restaurant you see is full of drag queens, shemales.Some have gone through the change others haven't.I like to keep my stuff, I like an orgasm now and then, more now than then.
I started thinking there may be more to this and would glance over and each time we made eye contact. He stayed till closing. I wasn't chasing him. I'm very petite size 3 and more guys are whistling,turning heads at me than at most of the real bitches. I take the time everyday to overdue it so I expect that attention and must live up to it.NEVER CHASE A MAN. Have him validate you by chasing you.Girls.
He looked like a Nordic God,6 5",blond, early 20's. As I was preparing to leave,he asked"You want to go out for a drink?" "Not tonight honey", I said. The next 3 nights were the same thing.I always said no and slipped into a cab .The 5th night was very the same but as the cab came, I realized I forgot my purse .I told the driver that I will be back with my purse and turned around and HE was there. He gave me $20 "for you angel",he said."Thank you", I said.When I got out of the cab, who do I see standing there but HIM.Feeling like every inch a bitch, I said ,"Want that drink big boy?".We went to the local pub and after talking, I found he was a wall street guy from a farm in Pennsylvania. Only 24 and had never been with a trannie before.A new boy? I took him home and knew when he entered he would never want to go anywhere else.We laughed and joked all through the night and told snippets of our lifestories. I put a D'Angelo cd on and that got us in that sex mood.
I reached over and massaged his rock hard cock.I started to suck him deep throat gagging when I felt his cock reached my tonsils.I licked his balls putting both of them in my mouth and tonguing them and then worked on the head of his cock.When he got close to coming, I squeezed his cock this is my secret to keeping a man in bed for hours.Call me a bitch, but if I like the way the cock looks and I want to see it I want it for a long time. This is the best way.Sweat was pouring from our bodies,the room misty with sex and funk. And then he put his cock in my ass, I was on all fours and his hands held my hips .He pushed and pulled.I could feel his cock getting harder as the beads of sweat rolled down my back."I'm going to cum", he said.My cock popped at the thought. We came together and collapsed in a deep sleep. That was 7 years ago and we're still together now legally man and wife.* more stories of transsexuals like this inside ENTER

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