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Lunch Anyone

Shandi and Sinnamon had just ordered lunch. Their small office underscored a large, multimillion dollar sextoy business. Both blond, petite and hot . They were often mistaken for prostitutes. They got a kick out of that since they preferred Versace,  their style was street hooker. They felt it was better to look like a slut than some old hag. Their office was part of a wing in a towering skyscraper with views across New York City and the Hudson River. St Unlimited inc. was emblazened to their office door.

David, 27 6'5" 210 of solid muscle was next door. He had created a niche in the investment world by reaping 50% returns for investors 5 years in a row. A wonder boy to say the least. Today he was finishing things, getting ready for the long weekend away from work. He had given his employees the day off. He was in regular street clothes, cargo pants ,no suit, not today. One thing he loved about being his own boss was no dress code allowed. He was working several hours when his stomach started growling. He called the deli and ordered lunch.

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When the food arrived , David realized it was a mix up. He called the deli and Zorbo said "other livery next door, zorry" in his thick Greek accent. David went next door and knocked. Shandi opened the door. She was in a shiny, rubber dress with a push up bustier that had her tits at full attention. "Oh, Oh" he stuttered. "We had a mix up from the deli", he said. "Come in, let me check" she said . David had to take a deep breath to keep himself together. He walked in further and saw Sinnamon . She looked up, cheerfully, and said "Hi" with an impressed tone. He said "Hi, I'm David, the guy next door, I run DB investments." She said, smiling "We operate ST Unlimited ,a specialty mail order business. Nice to meet you" . David's erection was getting difficult for him to control. And then Sinnamon rolled her chair from the desk and spread her leg revealing  crotchless panties and a shaved bush.

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"Here's your order", Shandi said as she walked across the room in black 6 inch stilletos. She handed  the bag to David but he miscalculated her move and she went forward. Quick thinking, David grabbed Shandi. They ended up twisted, with her boobs exposed and her hand on his cock. She could feel his cock was hard. Both a little embarrassed, blushed. Sinnamon strolled over and said "What's this!" pointing to the bulge in his pants. David opened his pants and pulled out his thick salami. Shandi went to work on it. His cock was enormous, she gagged several times trying to get it all down.

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David was licking Sinnamon's titties while he fingered her  pussy. "Oh", she said reaching orgasm. He could feel drops of wetness on his fingers as she blushed.. "Fuck me ", she purred. She sat on the desk and David stood gently pushing his cock in her cunt. Shandi got on top of Sinammon  so she could eat her out. Sweat was pouring off their bodies." I'm going to cum", David said. But quickly Shandi squeezed the head of David's throbbing cock and postponed his orgasm. "Not so soon", she said."Lay down over there", she instructed. Shandi started sucking his balls. She put both of them in her mouth and used her tongue around them. She then wedged her tongue behind his balls and rimmed his ass. He was eating Sinnamon ,while she got a dildo and started  fucking Shandi with it. "My turn for your big, fat dick", she said. Shandi used eggs to exercise her pussy muscles daily. She'd become so skilled her pussy could clamp a cock in motion! Their bodies were moving , getting a rhythm. Him up. Her down. Up. Down.Up.Down. Her pussy muscles clamping his cock. Faster. Faster. Sinnamon was oozing pussy juice from David's tongue." I'm gonna cum again Oh", Shandi yelled. David's cock was hard a rock." Oh fuck!",he yelled "Oh fuck" He came , his orgasm so deep, one of his best  , Shandi had another orgasm. After some afterplay they got dressed."Here's your lunch" Shandi said. They all laughed. David wondered about their weekend plans. They didn't have any. "You're more than welcome to come up to my weekend house. Shandi and Sinnamon looked at each other and with yes look and said "Allright!" They closed up early that day and got in David's Lincoln Navigator, picked up some clothes and made off for a long weekend! click here for more


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