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Sexstory of a Horny Housewife

Journey of a Stay at home wife

     Since my husband's business had become successful, I could be a stay at home wife. A blessing because the two of us were together nearly 24 hours a day. I started my new journey as a stay at home wife with full excitement! One observation was the daily delivery man going to Rodney and Lora's, my next door neighbor. Every couple of days, he would come by with a package ,stay an hour or so, and usually leave with the same  package.

       Lora and I go back since college , 6 years ago but a long period since we had grown up from students to adults. We were lesbian coeds but hadn't done anything since we graduated, just remained best friends. It was common for girls, even model looking girls to be lesbian coeds for the time they spent there and then go on to straight lace,2.5 kids ,picket fence,  apple pie on Sunday kind of  thing. She never told me anything about him but I wasn't around to find out.

     One day while we were watching Martha Stewart on TV  I asked ,"who is the delivery man?" Instantly her face relaxed  and looked happy ."Stedman!", she said  ."you must meet him." She started to tell me about her husband and how their marriage appeared to be fizzing out. Then Stedman came and everything changed. Rodney was not open to anything new in the bedroom. It was 5 humps ,a shudder,  a rollover and snores. She checked the time once and saw it was a 2 minute act. Stedman was a gift she felt. Certainly, she was looking younger almost like a teenager, and was bouncy and more energetic than usual.   

     The doorbell rang and it was him. I was intrigued. Not that I had any complaints in the bedroom just curious. She opened the door and he stepped in. Well over 6 feet and in shape and ready for action because the outline of his dickhead was visible .He caught me in the act of sizing him up. He looked to Lora and asked" her?",

    She was startled by the question and quickly explained I was her next door neighbor and college roommate. She then turned to me and said they were looking for a 3 way partner her eyes seeking my approval. .I strolled to Stedman, looked him in the eye, and grabbed his cock. Lora and I started kissing ,our tongues circling each others. We all stripped in the foyer and made our way to the sofa. Cliff was nearly the size of a ruler and thick as a beer bottle. I was alarmed at first because of the size. I asked myself if he's going to put that in my little body? But I was horny and getting wet. Lora started to eat me while Stedman watched and stroked himself. Sweat started building as I reached my first climax Lora did eat a good clit. "Dive!" she yelled and Stedman went to work like a mechanic underneath a car. I could tell from the trembling that Lora was coming. She was getting into her orgasm. And I thought this is a good time work on Stedman. Lora's eating my pussy had me dripping  like a faucet. I started to suck Stedman's huge cock while Lora continued  having more orgasms. I straddled Stedman and took his joystick in my hand .....Can you guess the rest Read sexstories in Smuterotica enter here and your 2.95 trial membership cums with over 40 porn sites free with thousands of text and audio sexstories at your fingertips

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