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read pregnantsex stories ....Millie Waters stared at her reflection in the full length mirror attached to the back of her closet door and marveled at the changes her body had experienced in just the past month!!! Her once smooth flat belly was now so round and distended it looked like for all the world she had a basketball inside of her tummy, and her breasts which normally were small, were now huge and bulging with milk and tipped with purplish nipples that fairly begged to be sucked!!! As she cupped them and pulled one to her warm wet mouth, her eyes were glued to the incredibly hairy pussy that was partially hidden by her overhanging belly, and almost as if drawn to it like a magnet, she slid her hand between her legs and began furiously fingering herself to a brutally satisfying orgasm, which would be only the first of many to come during the rest of the day!!!

As her orgasm waned and her senses returned, Millie slipped on a loose fitting house dress and stepped into a pair of old sandals and headed off downstairs for some breakfast!!! As she was frying up a some eggs and bacon, the back door swung open and her best friend from next door popped in and said, So, Mills, how’s it goin’!?! Oh, hi, Katie, she replied while turning the bacon, fine, everything’s just fine, wanna share some breakfast!?! Naw, I’ve already eaten, came the reply, but I could stand a cup of coffee!!! Millie poured a couple of cups, and after the two women settled down in their chairs, Katie asked softly, Is it any better with Hank, I mean has he been more attentive to your needs!?! Millie gave a harsh little chuckle and replied, No, he hasn’t, I’ve given up on sex with him until after the baby arrives, at least that’s the theory!!! Whatta jerk off, Katie replied with a shake of her head, if the shoe was on the other foot you can damn well better believe that you’d have to come across for him!!! They sipped their coffee in silence until Katie asked softly, When’s the last time ya had and orgasm, hon, I mean has it been a long time for you!?!

Katie, Millie admonished her friend, that’s getting kinda personal isn’t it!?! Oh rats, Katie shot back, we’re best friends, we can tell each other anything, so give, when was your last time!?! Well if you must know, and apparently you do, it was this morning, Millie said in slightly husky voice, I did myself right in front of the mirror!!! Really, Katie asked thickly, w-when I was pregnant with Nathan I could actually suck my own nipples, have you tried that yet!?! Now a very flush faced Millie replied, Yes, and it was wonderful cuz you can get them sucked just like you like it!!! Oh, don’t I know it, Katie replied with a sigh while absentmindedly cupping her own large chest through her blouse, I just love tit play, don’t you!?! Both women were now getting very excited indeed, and much to Katie’s surprise and joy, Millie stood up, and without a word of warning stripped off her house dress leaving her stark naked in the middle of the kitchen Can you guess the rest get pregnantsex stories in pregnantbabes click here

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