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Legs Legs and More Legs

Since I can remember I have always had a thing for women’s legs. I love them all, but my favorites are the long, luscious ones, with the neatly manicured toes, red polish is definitely a big turn on. The problem I have always found though, is women who share in my fetish.  Most, I have met through the years have always condemned me or thought it was sick. So I have lived out my fetish mostly using my hand and the latest issue of Legs magazine.

When I was excepted to Harvard Medical School, I was in awe of all the lovelies and their beautifully erotic legs and feet.  I would eat lunch everyday in the commons and watch the ever so hot babes as they strolled through campus.  I have to say in the summer I never quite made it through an entire lunch, as I would have to go relieve myself before my next class. 

As summer turned to fall I noticed a real looker in my advanced biology class.  “Eileen” was her name, and boy was she equipped.  Her silky blonde hair hung to the middle of her end of summer tan.  Her gorgeous freckled skin, a large full body, just the way I like my women, not to mention she must have stood six foot tall, with legs….  Oh her legs were the most beautiful I had ever seen.  At that moment in time I knew I had to have her….  I had to feel her silky, long legs, draped across my face, as I licked the souls of her feet.  Just thinking about it brought me friend into a full solute….

I walked over to her, never taking my eyes from her legs, and introduced myself.

Eileen was a knock out, and very intelligent.  Brains and beauty, I was batting a thousand, I thought to myself, as I tried to hide my erection behind my books.

Before long Eileen and I had become lab partners and were studying together quiet frequently. She seemed interested in me, but whenever we had some time alone together she got really nervous and came up with some excuse why she had to leave.  I was getting discouraged to say the least.  I wondered if something as wrong with me, but then I found out from her friend that “Eileen’s cherry was still in place. ”Needless to say it wasn't her "cherry" I was after, but those luscious feet and legs. 

One Saturday night I asked her study at the campus library, with intentions of making my move, seeing most of the students were off campus for the upcoming holiday.  She hesitated, but with some determination she agreed to hang around an extra day before heading home for Thanksgiving. 

We met at the library around eight o’clock.  As she turned the corner I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was dressed to kill in a hot little mini skirt, with seamed silk nylons.  My member jumped to life immediately.  Her eyes dropped to my manhood as she smiled and said hello.  The library was very deserted, as most other students had already turned in.  After eight hours of studying I decided it was time to make my move.

I told her she had the most luscious looking legs I had ever seen, and that I knew she would make me happier than any women I had ever been with.

Eileen laughed and in a sultry voice said  “I noticed when I approached you outside you were pretty happy to see me, her face turn a pale shade of red. “That thing” in your pants stiffens whenever we seem to be together, she said giggling.

“Can I touch your legs,” I said, reaching underneath the table gently caressing her silky hose with my hand.  I could feel my erection pounding against my jeans as I slid my hand across her stocking.

I leaned over to take her hand and put it right on my crotch so that she could feel how hot I was. I could see her legs start to rub against each other, as she got existed. By now the library was completely empty, and I figured now was the time to put my plan into action.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her down between the stack of books, and I told her I was a leg and foot man, and that ever since I had seen her in biology class I had dreamt of feeling her legs against my manhood. She smiled and took my hand and placed it on her thigh, laid her head down, and closed her eyes. Her legs were more magnificent than I had ever imagined, her long slender, beautiful feet covered by her suntan stockings, made my head spin and my groin ache. I buried my head between her thighs, kissing them softly. She started moaning as I moved my way down her leg to her long slender feet.

When she saw my throbbing member, bulging from my pants her eyes grew wide as if she couldn’t stand it any longer. She lay back and spread her legs wide. Her body shivered as I ran my tongue down her legs, stopping just above the ankle. 

I began to lick her toes, gently savoring ever moment.  She moaned as I put her toe in my mouth.  I could taste her sweetness as I sucked her beautiful feet. She moaned louder as I began to move my tongue faster up and down her lovely toes, devouring her feet, her legs.  My manliness was bulging from my pants, and I felt as if I would explode at any minute.

She grabbed at me begging me stop, but I was to far gone to do anything but lick her soft creamy flesh and feel her against me.

Please, she cried, I want you; I want you inside of me…

Taking her was never my intention…. The thought truly never crossed my mind…

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