Welcome to the Lovedoll homepage.A Lovedoll can enhance your sexual experience.Our lovedolls come in many models.Some lovedolls are made of vinyl other lovedolls are made of latex.The more expensive the lovedoll the better the quality. Some lovedolls have big boobs for an even better sexual experience.A Lovedoll makes a great gift.Experience lovedolls, get your lovedoll today!

LethaWeapons lovedoll

  - LethaWeapons LoveDoll has Heavy Duty Latex constuction with anus, vagina, and mouth opening.  She has soft brown hair, polished finger nails and toes, and she has HUGE tits. Includes two vibrating bullets, repair kit, lube, and an air pump.   #DJ1753-00, $380

LatexLover lovedoll

  - LatexLover is made of Latex which makes her softer and more realistic than the other dolls. (Other Dolls are made from a Vinyl plastic sheeting.) She has three openings:  the mouth, vagina, and anus.  She also has real blonde hair and 2 vibrating bullets.  Also comes with an air pump for easy inflation.   #DJ1752-00, $380


LatexLady is made of Latex which makes her softer and more realistic than the other dolls. (Other Dolls are made from a Vinyl plastic sheeting.) Her super durable latex construction ensures a never-ending relationship. Her mannequin head is high quality and makes her look alive. She is like no other doll.   Product #TO0226-7, $380 no

ChaseyLain lovedoll

-  Original molding of face includes crystal eyes, long silky hair and her mouth has soft lips and a realistic feeling rotating tongue. Chasey's hands and feet are molded to match the real ChaseyLain with painted finger and toe nails. Her breasts are life size and include realistic feeling nipples. Chasey's Vagina and Anus are a special one piece design for anatomically correct proportions. The vagina and anus vibrate (uses 4 AA batteries). Also includes Chasey Lubricant and a signed Chasey poster.  #WF0308-7 - $259

Perfect10 lovedoll

Perfect10 She can please all of you!! Satisfying penetrating suction mouth of love. Sensuous, soft luscious lips, quivering velvet-touch tongue. Inviting deep throat. Special vibrating Love Girl pleasure hand with adjustable pressure for personalized enjoyment. Painted fingernails and toenails, pearl-like earrings. realistic vibrating anus and vagina. Soft life-like vibrating jumbo breast.  #TO0249-7, $259

StephanieSwift lovedoll

- Nice looking face with a rotating tongue in her mouth.  Specially molded breasts and a stretchy material vagina and anus with powerful vibrations.  #SE0876-01, $240

Rayvenes lovedoll

The Rayveness Lovedoll has all of her features are made with a super soft high quality material.  Her face is soft with crystal blue eyes, and she has a soft mouth that a penis can be inserted into.  Her boobs are large soft and realistic, and her vagina and anus are soft, realistic and come with multi-speed vibrations.  She also comes with love cuffs with lock and key, a mini ribbon whip, and 1oz lubricant.  #TO0257-7, $229

NormaJean lovedoll 

- Squeeze NormaJean and watch her vagina get wet with excitement! She has so many ways to please you: Deep open mouth, lubricated vagina, and special rear entry. You control the speed, power and action with this love doll. She has nice, ripe full tits. 3 penetration spots. .Gorgeous life-like hair, kissable luscious red lips life size mannequin head. Holds 275 lbs. Realistic battery operated internal vibrating vagina. Free 4 oz lube included.  #SE1911-01, $199

Solid Cyber Girl Body LoveDoll -

Full torso and vagina molded entirely from new supersoft material, $850

LorissaLoveDoll -

The LorissaLovedoll has an Ultra soft realistic vagina, anus, and mouth.  This dolls almost seamless design gives it added strength and realistic feeling. She also has a full size mannequin head.   #SE1903-01, $189

CaliforniaStripper lovedoll -

Bright blue eyes, blonde hair, and open mouth with big soft lips and soft tongue.   Voluptuous firm breasts with removable tassles.  She also has a realistic vibrating vagina.  Holds up to 275 pounds and comes with a tasty cherry gel just like a CaliforniaStripper   #SE1907-01, $189

Houston Love Doll -

Vibrating and sucking jelly mouth.  Soft pink vagina and anus made of a soft stretchy jelly like material called "senso".   She also has life like molded breasts.   #SE1902-01, $179

AsiaCarreraLoveDoll -

Mannequin head and soft Jelly vibrating and sucking mouth.   The AsiaCarreraLovedoll's pussy and anus are made from very soft and stretchy senso material, and her vagina is pierced.  She also has real flowing hair and supple molded breasts.   #SE1905-01, $179

ChristyCanyon Love Doll

Made from actual casts of ChristyCanyon 's face, breasts and vagina. Her body is a softer material than the usual rubber vinyl used on other dolls. The vagina is a realistic rubber molded vagina.  A vibrating mouth that pulsates too. Fully movable arms.  Permanent makeup and realistic hair. A washable doll in a reusable metal case.  2 AA Batteries not included.  #DJ5515-10, $169


-  Her Large soft breasts and cleavage vibrate by inserting vibrators from behind. Entry into the CoedLoveDoll is tight, soft, and pleasurable because she has a pink jelly anus and vagina. She can also please you with her deep open mouth with voluptuous red lips. This doll is especially attractive with her captivating blue eyes and honey blonde hair. You can check out her picture or check out a picture of her having sex with the John Holmes Love Doll. #SE1912-01, - $149


-  Molded face of NinaHartley; vibrant blue eyes; long, beautiful, wavy blonde hair; voluptuous breasts, realistic vibrating vagina and anus all molded from Nina. The vagina and anus are designed to allow full realistic feeling penetration in the anus and vagina. (Includes 1oz Tush Push Anal Lubricant). #TO0258-7, $169

MilkMaid lovedoll -SOLDOUT not in stock at the moment

The MilkMaid is a vibrating love doll with jumbo squirting breast. Action-inflatable movable arms and legs. Three openings of love; Vagina, anus and mouth. Squirting breast can hold real liquid. mannequin head. Vibrating vagina and anus, throbbing pulsating mouth, realistic long hair, holds up to 300lbs. Multi-speed vibrations. #TO0227-7, $165 SOLDOUT

AliciaRio lovedoll

The AliciaRio doll is Life size, free video in English y espanol. Holds 275 lbs. Exquisitely gorgeous life like long hair and vibrant blue eyes. Vibrating vagina and anus. Voluptuous breast, special Alicia Rio sweet tasting cherry flavored lubricant. #SE1909-01, $145

JillKellyLovedoll -

The JillKellyLovedoll has a quality mannequin head with open mouth that can suck and vibrate for wild oral simulation.  She also has realistic soft breasts.  Her vagina (removable) is made of the super soft and stretchy senso material for a soft tight fit.  Also, has an anal opening. #SE1906-01, $149


The SmartAssLovedoll has Three penetration orifices, battery operated internal vibrator with variable speed remote control. Real life vagina. Made of extra thick rubber vinyl, complete with repair kit for accidental penetration. Holds 275 lbs. She has a beautiful face mask and blonde hair.. #SE1913-01, $140

Dominique Ebony LoveDoll -

Beautiful Dark Skinned doll with Real life vibrating vagina, long silky black hair, and  mannequin-style face with open mouth.   Her face, large breasts, and vagina were molded directly from Dominique.  She also has an anal opening. #SE1914-03, $129

The Teri LoveDoll

- She has a deep open mouth, a special rear entry, and vibrating realistic vagina. She has large full tits and holds 275 pounds.   Also comes with a repair kit. #SE1910-01, $125


Russian lovedoll with open posture, big boobs, and three pleasure holes #DJ1703-00, $88

CyberskinLoveDoll -

The CyberskinLovedoll is a Blow up lovedoll with insertable vagina and anus made from cyberskin. (cyberskin is a revolutionary new super soft realistic material).   She also has an open mouth, long hair and realistic breasts.  The cyber skin sleeve can also be used as a masturbator separate from the doll. Beige color vagina. #TO0205-7, $79

  • Beige color vagina with vibrating bullet. #TO0206-7, $89
  • Cinnamon color vagina with vibrating bullet. #TO0208-7, $89
  • Blow up doll with cyberskin blowjob mouth instead of the cyberskin vagina and anus. #TO0207-7, $54

    MarylinStar lovedoll

    Four color printing makes her look more realistic and alive.  She has lucious squeezable breasts and is dressed in Red hot bodice and stockings. She has 3 love passages and vibrating excitement. #SE1945-01, $72

    CenterfoldFantasy lovedoll

    -  Starring DyannaLauren, featured in Penthouse Magazine. Realistic look alike face, Custom designed Deep Throat for oral penetration, vibrating vagina and anus. Personally signed centerfold poster included. Battery operated, multi speed vibrations. #TO0262-7, $49

    CountryCutie lovedoll

    - A great 'Lay' in the hay! Featuring sweet as pie pussy. Vibrating mouth, vagina and anus. Battery operated, multi-speed vibrations and includes 2 oz. country apple pie pussy flavor. #TO0255-7, $45

    Jordan Ebony lovedoll

    - Real Life vagina, mannequin style face and voluptuous breast molded from Dominique. Always ready and willing for your sexual needs. With three loving passages, take her when and where you want! #SE1935-03, $32


    The JamieLovedoll Lifesize, ripe young breasts, mannequin style face and curvaceous hips and legs. Loving mouth, inviting anus and luscious vagina for a long lasting relationship. #SE1939-01, $32


    The ShariLovedoll is sweet enough to eat!! Loving mouth and anus, 'Sweet as pie' vagina, soft "touch me" skin, and succulent breasts. #TO0244-7, $24

    Jump Start Foot pump to help with inflating the dolls.  #SE1900-00, $9

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