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They swarmed like locus with vengeance in their eyes.   They had forgotten their moral ethics as they scrambled around him.  What did he do wrong, besides being a man?  Together the women tied his hands and bound his mouth.  Fear ebbed through his eyes, but he tried not to show it.  He kept reminding himself to put up a good front, besides they were only women.  Some how the women sensed his patronizing thoughts as their grips got tougher.  They purposely punched and kicked the man, wanting him to scream in pain or even better to break down and cry.  They wanted to get back at all men who through the years brutalized and raped women like it was a sport.  A new sport was coming and men better start running!

The van was crowded with women.  They surrounded their capture like angry bees defending a nest.  They kicked and prodded the man over and over again.  Finally, he lost it and tears of anguish and frustration started to pour.  The women smiled over their victory.  On one level they had won.  The Van drove for what seemed like miles.  Until it finally stopped.  The women pulled the man from the van and dragged him on the floor.  The man looked around not recognizing where they had taken him.  It looked like an old barn with hooks hanging from the ceiling and walls.  A modern dungeon equipped from a farmer's decay.  He tried yet again to convince his predators to let him go.  He argued and pleaded like so many women before him.  Each time the men's ears would go numb and the next day a new rape victim to be found.  The police long ago established categories for the women.  If they were prostitutes or dressed "inappropriately" they deserved to have their bodies used and abused by men, then left for dead.  If they were "normal citizens" then it was a hunt, but each man envied the hunted.  It was women's turn to show men how it feels to be raped!  This guy was not the first, but rather one in a number of pervious victims.  His pleadings echoes of words heard many times before.  The women took pleasure in their work...torturing the man like he has tortured many women before.  It didn't matter that this man may be innocent of any wrong doing, bottom line he was a man and that made him guilty.  Guilty by association.

The women tied him to the hooks facing the wall.  They brutally ripped the clothing from his body.  Some of the fibers digging deeply into his skin bringing forth a few drops of thick redness.  Eagerly, taking turns each girl sucked up a few drops of the liquid savoring the metallic flavor.  When the man was tied up, the women drew straws to see who would go first.  Margeret was the lucky one as she tied the large dildo around her waist.  Without warning she shoved the large head between the man's cheeks and deep up his tight hole. ......Can you guess the rest? get freelesbianstories in Lesbian Pink click here

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