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.....Nicole was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rockers as she waited for her ten o’clock appointment with Dr. Corbin!!! She paged through three or four magazines without ever really reading any of the articles, and when the receptionist called out her name, she practically leaped out of her chair while following a nurse to the examination room!!! How are you today, the nurse asked while they made their way down a long hall, you seem a little bit nervous!?! Does it show that much, she replied with a forced laugh, I’m just dying to find out the results of my test, has the doctor said anything to you about it!? The nurse chuckled gently and replied, No, dear, he hasn’t, but you’ll find out everything you need to know in just a few minutes, so if you’ll just have a seat, Dr. Corbin will be in shortly!!! The nurse pointed to a straight back chair in the corner of the examination room, and before Nicole could even respond, she turned heal and left her standing alone while waiting for the doctor to show up!!!

Unbelievably, Nicole actually fell asleep while waiting for the doctor, and when she heard his deep baritone voice, she jerked herself awake while asking, Am I pregnant, tell me right away, don’t make me wait another minute!?! And I’m fine too, Dr. Corbin replied with a smile!!! I-I’m sorry, Doctor, she replied sheepishly, it’s just that I’m going crazy wondering if I am or not!!! Well, he replied gently while sitting down next to her, I have good news, you are definitely pregnant, and just to be on the safe side I want to give you a quick exam here to today!!! Already a glow had come over Nicole as she thought how excited Josh would be when she told him the wonderful news, and she slipped onto automatic pilot as she went behind a screen to change into an examination gown!!! Dr. Corbin’s personal nurse had come into the room, and as soon as Nicole was ready, she had her hop up onto the examination table and place her ankles in the ice cold stirrups!!!

So, Nurse Watkins said while looking over Nicole’s chart, we got some good news today, am I right!?! Oh yes, Nicole gushed, this will be our first and were so happy!!! Good, the nurse replied gently, now since this is your first pregnancy we want to go over a few things, okay!? Sure, Nicole replied, go ahead!!! First of all, Nurse Watkins offered while pushing the paper gown up above Nicole’s waist, you want to make sure that you massage your tummy every day with baby oil, it will prevent stretch marks and keep your skin nice a smooth, and just to make sure you know how it’s done I’ll demonstrate it for you!!! Nicole lay there quietly while Nurse Watkins squirted a generous amount of oil into her belly button, and then with a gentle touch began rubbing it all over her slightly paunchy belly!!! How’s that, she asked softly, I’m not hurting you am I!?! Oh no, Nicole sighed, it actually feels very nice, you have soft hands!!! For the next five minutes or so the nurse ran her hands all over Nicole’s belly, and then without warning, she moved higher on her body and began massaging the oil into her large firm chest!!!

W-what are you doing, Nicole gasped!?! I’m doing your breasts.....Can you guess the rest get stories in PregnantBabes click here

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