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Luigi was walking his beat. He was Italian, 6'5" muscular with a thick mustache.At 25, he had girls flirting with him all the time.But he had intense eyes on Lakeisha. Lakeisha was 22 and just graduated from college.She was a light skinned black woman who was often mistaken for Halle Berry.Her beauty was truly unique.She had been married to a baseball player but it was over in year.She loved him but married for the wrong reasons.He had too many temptations and was always on the road.In the divorce, she was given the house and small alimony payments.
Lakeisha was entering her home from her morning jog.She fumbled in her pockets for her keys but came up empty. Luigi walked by and sensing her frustration asked "Is everything ok?"
"I can't find my keys." she said
"Are these your keys?" he asked holding up her keys.
"That's them" she said She took the keys and opened the door."Thanks so much", she added
" I saw you jogging and they fell out, you probably didn't hear it with your headsets on" He said
"The headsets can block out noise.Can I get you something to drink?" she asked.
"Water would be good" he said.
She went to get some water.He looked over at her beanie baby collection and they started talking animatedly about them.His sister had a beanie baby collection too so he knew the latest news on them.Their conversation drifted to many subjects and now it was 1 hour later.Suddenly, they looked each other in the eyes and realized they were in love. She reached over and kissed him.He took her face in his hand and pulled it toward his mouth.They sucked faces.Sweat started building.They moved, lipslocked, to the kitchen table.Lakeisha's jogging shorts were loosened as she sat on table.Luigi took out his large dick and gently pushed it into Lakeisha's moist pussy "Oh! shit Oh! Fuck" she screamed at her first orgasm......Can you guess the rest.Read sexstories like this in Hard Interracial enter here

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