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Read sexstories like this in TeenSteam....Soccer practice was over Brad had to go back to his locker to pick up a book.The empty halls were sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of between class activity. He heard some voices and as he turned the corner, he saw Britney and Christine."Hi Brad", Christine said."Hey", he said.He stopped to chat with them. Britney said " I got accepted to Princeton today I'm psyched.It's totally awesome."Brad always had a thing for Britney's slim gymnist body and perky tits and blond hair.His cock was hard .Just then Christine remembered she left her cell phone in the computer lab."I have to get my phone, I left it in the lab." she said.

Brad walking with his books covering his hard cock."Mr.McDougal",Christine yelled as they entered the lab.No answer."He's gone.I saw him leave during practice."Brad said.Just then Britney dropped a book on the floor and bent to pick it up.Reaching down, her bracelet got caught in Brad's soccer shorts and they went down with her.Everyone turned beet red."Wow, like totally awesome."Christine said.Getting to her feet, Britney reached for anything and grabbed Brad's hardcock.Thinking of her, he helped her up and sat her on the table. "Are you ok ",he asked."Yes and I'm so sorry" she said.He moved closer so that his cock was hidden under her skirt and rubbing against her teenpussy.Can you guess what happens next.Join TeenSteam today!

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