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Fetish Instinct , Hardcore Lesbians in Bdsm sex. The movie starts with incredible, surreal shots of a young Anastasia covered in clothes pins - every inch of her body pinched by wooden clamps. You will get to travel to the intimate parts of her skin and discover just how far she is willing to go. After pulling the pins off she'll show you just how proud she is of her deep marks. Next is Ariel X - a naughty girl up for a treat when she visits Anastasia and her strap-on. A rough and crude Anastasia will make Ariel show off all her assets and get her pussy wet and ready for the hard pounding that is about to follow. Then it's Anastasia's turn to get dominated, this time by Madison Young, who's so kinky, and in the mood for rough handling and clover clamps. After the disciplining, Anastasia will get rewarded with a big thigh strap-on to satisfy her craving. Next it's Karrlie's turn. She's new and can't decide whether tickling or spanking is more intense. Finally we meet Erin, having her first public session. Sensuality will be on the menu of this long and thorough session. With all kinds of training and discipline, the newbie is introduced to many predicaments and so many pleasures... - See this hot video in video on demand.Find the bdsm fetish porn you're looking for in easy to find categories like femdom, electro sex, menstruation. Get porn like Russian Discipline , Dungeons from England , Germany in native language and more kinds of Porn than you'll find at any free porn site
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The probation officer was a big beefy girl . a heavy duty dyke, she enjoyed the power over her girls on probation. One day she was checking up on Brianna. Long , curly hair and big blue eyes , Brianna was a prostitute , a lady of the night. She did it well till she was caught and put on probation. Now she had to deal with probation officer Suzy.

On her visit this day, she walked up to Brianna's place and rang the bell. Brianna let her in and she looked around then started talking. Suzy noticed the place was a mess and told her so.

"You need to clean this place up now" she said.

"I was going to" Brianna said.

"That's not good enough" And with that , she took off her belt and tied Brianna's hands behind her back.She then slapped her pussy and then fingered the slit. She then pinched her vagina and said "Why is this place a mess? You know I could send you back bitch. Why are you acting up." She then took out a dildo and stuck it in her wet pussy deep. She twirled the dildo around as Brianna came and said "Why?"

"I was working overtime" she said. "My boss likes my work and everything is working out fine and he asked me to do overtime and I've been doing it every night past couple of weeks."

"I don't need this shit, overtime or not it only takes a couple of minutes to keep this place up." Suzy said."Get on your knees and service me slut"

She got on her knees and started slurping Suzy's wet engorged pussy. Faster and faster her tongue flicked over clit till she in gush of cum all over Brianna.She cleaned up in the bathroom and unbelted Brianna's arms.As she went to leave she warned "Next time , this place will be spotless or else.

"Yes and Thank You Mistress" Brianna said closing the door .
fetish instinctfetish instinct