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Fetish Hotel By the smile on his face you could see that he was enjoying every minute of her playfulness. And if you couldn't tell by the smile on his face, you could definitely tell by the size of his large throbbing cock. She reached down beside the bed and pulled out the Ostrich feather she had saved from the wonderful party she attended last year where friends were cuddling and using the feather to tickle play with one another. She had her own ideas of better uses once she found the right playmate - and she felt that now was the time for all good Ostrich feathers to come to their uses. So she began to use it starting at his feet, tickling them gently and sucking on his toes occasionally. She then began tantalizing him with the feather by running it swiftly up and down the insides of his legs and under his balls, across his stiff hard penis and over his stomach, up his arms and all the way up until she was gently running it around his face and neck. He was squirming madly -- he began to beg her to kiss him. "Kiss me", "Kiss me, please" he begged.

She was in ecstasy that her plan to excite him had worked. She was getting so hot and wet -- desiring a good long sexual encounter. She obliged in kissing him but not on his mouth where he expected but rather on his hot throbbing love machine. He tried the best he could from his tied up position to thrust into her mouth as she gently kissed his cock from top to bottom giving the tip extra special attention.

Fetish Hotel He was still blindfolded and couldn't see what she was going to do next. She decided it would be fun to play "hot" and "cold" with him. So she went to the kitchen and packed away some ice cubes and a small container of ice cream and gathered together a few of the candles. She made her way back to his side and slowly ran an ice cube across his lips -- just to let him know that they were there. This excited him very much - she then lifted one of the candles and slowly dripped the hot wax from it onto one of his nipples. It was obvious by the way he moved about that it was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. She continued to alternate the ice and candle wax over various parts of his body until he just couldn't take any more -- then gently massaged him once more with the Ostrich feather. She had become so hot from her playfulness that she decided it was time to give him...

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