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Diane had finally felt good about her weight. She was once a stick thin model living on cigarettes , coke and speed but her italian boyfriend had changed that in addition to an overdose of one her model girlfriends . As she turned away from drugs the extra weight came with it. It was strange at first for her buy larger size clothes and she use to think of dieting till she realized she was still the center of attention to many men. They whistled oohed and aaahed as she sashayed down the street and she was now a plus size model making a fortune.
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Paula was going out of her mind, she was down to her last twenty dollars and if she didn’t find a steady source of income in a hurry she was gonna find herself out on the street!!! The rent was due in just three more day, no, make that three months rent was due in three days, and even though her landlord had been understanding of her problems, even a nice guy like Mr. Fuller would finally put his foot down sometime, and Paula was pretty sure that time would be this Friday!!! Restlessly she thumbed through the help wanted ads, when suddenly her eyes locked on an ad that read, Women, Make Big Money Fast, No Experience Necessary, Start Tomorrow, Call 555-4321 and ask for Mr. Zolton!!! Could this be the answer to her dreams, that she didn’t know, but as her hand reached for the phone, she sensed that her life would be changing forever!?!

Please, have a chair, Miss Winters, Ogden Zolton said easily, I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding the place!?! Uh, no, not really, she replied softly, your directions were perfect!!! Good, he replied while leaning back in his chair and lighting up a cigarette, so tell me, Miss Winters, do you know what we do here, I mean how we make our money!?! No, I don’t, she answered quickly, your ad wasn’t too specific on anything, except for the fact that the money was good!!! He smiled for a second, and after blowing out a long stream of smoke, nodded and replied, The money’s very good, in fact I’d say it was excellent, how does five hundred dollars a day sound to you!?! F-five hundred, she stammered, did you say five hundred dollars per day!?! Exactly, he shot back, and there’s a chance it could even go higher!!! Her head was swimming at the prospect of making so much money so quickly, but her good sense told her nothing was that easy, so in a wary voice she asked, What would I have to do to earn that kind of salary!?! A very good question, Ogden Zolton replied while getting up from his desk and motioning her to follow him as he opened the door, let me show you and you can decide if you’re cut out for our kind of work!!!

Zolton led Paula through a rabbit warren of halls, making at least four or five turns before stopping in front of a nondescript door with a small Do Not Disturb sign taped at eye level!!! You’re sure you wanna see what’s behind the door, he asked, it could be, shall we say, upsetting!?! I’m sure, she replied softly as a surge of fear and excitement shot through her, let’s go for it!!! A woman after my own heart, he said with a wink, here goes nothing, and with those words he slowly opened the door, and with her jaw practically hitting the floor, Paula stood there stunned as she watched a young man and woman making love on a large mattress in the middle of the small room!!! W-what’s going on here, she stammered, why are you showing me this, as she pointed at the two lovers locked in an embrace!?! See over there against the far wall, he asked, there’s a video camera trained on that mattress and it’s sending a signal to our website and on to a customer who’s watching all the action from the privacy of his own home!!!

Now she had the whole picture!!! In order to earn that kind of money she’d have to take off her clothes and perform sexual acts for the private viewing pleasure of some anonymous voyeur!!! Well, Zolton asked, could you do it, I mean in a room with a partner fucking in front of a camera!?! Paula’s mind was racing, she really enjoyed sex, and if her partner was halfway appealing she thought she just might go along with it, but there was just one problem and in a low voice she replied, Maybe, but my weight, I’m a pretty big girl and maybe your customers might want somebody whose body was a little more svelte!!! Ogden Zolton shook his head from side to side and replied, On the contrary, Miss Winters, there is a certain group of customers that revels in the Rubenesque type physique, and it just so happens we need another plumper right away!!! Plumper, Paula thought, that’s a cute way of putting it, but after thinking it over for a few moments, and then while wondering if she’s lost her mind, she heard herself asking who her partner would be!!!

Again Paula found herself following Ogden Zolton through the confusing array of hallways, until finally they entered a makeshift changing room, and much to her shock, sat a pretty young woman who asked softly, So, are you the new girl, I sure hope so cuz the customers are waitin’ for us to put on a show!!! Now wait just a second, Paula said while recoiling slightly, you never said anything about making it with another woman!?! Don’t you think I’m pretty, the slim big titted blonde asked softly while cupping her breasts and offering them up to Paula’s wide open gaze, I just love making love with another woman .....can you guess the rest more hot large girl sex stories enter here

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