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Dean was our farm hand tending the horses. Everyday in jeans and chaps ,when the sun was high he would go shirtless showing his six pack abs.He taught me how to ride bareback . I trusted him completely when day after day he would sit behind me, talk in my ear as he showed me how to control the horse . We became very close.
One day riding , the horse bucked. Both of us went flying.I was fine but Dean pulled some muscles and had to rest. I thought I'd comfort him. So I brought some udder cream and went over to sooth his sore muscles. I also wanted to pop his cock but I had to look concerned so my parents wouldn't suspect anything !!!
I slipped into his cabin. He was in shorts laying down watching the tube.
"How Ya Doing" , I asked.
"Ok , You came out ok?" He asked.
It was just like him to be injured yet wonder if I was ok. "I'm fine, I brought you some udder cream for your back "
"Oh God , thanks"
As he lay on his stomach his poor back was bruised but healing though tender.It needed some extra circulation. As I started rubbing the cream in , I realized it was easier if I straddled him. I sat on his ass as I massaged his shoulder. He was oohing saying how great it felt.I told him to turn over.As I continued massaging his chest . I felt I was sitting on a lump.
"What's this " I asked as I felt his cock.
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